Evolution of electronic structure on transition metal and transition metal doped titanium disulphide by high resolution photoemission spectroscopy study


       In this presentation, I will present the many-body interactions in solids studies by high resolution ARPES. High-resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy studies of Fe (1 1 0) and Ni(110) single crystals have been conducted to clarify the role of many-body interactions acting on the quasi-particles at the Fermi level at low temperatures. We have evaluated the self-energy of the majority-spin states, and found two characteristic energy scales, which correspond to the energy scale of the Debye temperature and the cut-off energy of the calculated magnon density-of-states.


I will also present our work on the transition metal doped dichalcogenides system. Upon iron intercalation, the strong modification of the valence band structures and the band dispersions are observed. The mechanism of these hybridized bands’ modification has been explained well by Vienna ab initio simulation program and the projected augmented wave.